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URL Shortener, QR Codes, Bio-Profile & File Sharing
Targeting Techniques

To expand your reach and guide visitors to a useful page, target your clients.To retarget them and capture them, use a pixel in your social media marketing campaign.

Analytics in Depth

To maximize the success of your marketing strategy, share your links with your network and track data.Convey your message to the right audience.

File Sharing

Our file sharing system is designed to make it simple to share large files with loved ones or for work purposes.

Link in bio

Majority of social networking sites allow you to include a link in your bio that will direct followers to a content page, for product and other social media links display. This will enhance your engagement.

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QR Codes

QR codes that are simple to use, dynamic, and customized for your marketing efforts. Analyze data to improve your marketing approach and raise engagement.

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